A Year in Running

31 Dec 2020

Much of this blog post was inspired by Marcus Volz’s Strava data visualizations in R. I had fun recreating many of the same ideas using JavaScript and D3.js. Read more

A Year in Music - Spotify's Top Tracks of 2018 Visualized with D3

20 Dec 2018

Spotify recently released some cool information about the most streamed songs and artists of 2018. This included a playlist of the top 100 songs on Spotify during 2018, which was the basis of this visualization! In this blog post, I’ll point out some things I thought were interesting and then... Read more

Extended Abstract Accepted to CSCW 2018

16 Dec 2018

I did research for a couple semesters in the social computing lab, studying how people interact on the internet. One of the research projects I worked on turned into a paper, which was accepted as an interactive poster submission to CSCW 2018! For this project, I wrote a Chrome extension... Read more

A Simple Markov Chain Monte Carlo Example Visualized with D3

29 Oct 2018

Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) is a method for simulating a target distribution. The idea is that this distribution might be hard to sample directly from, so we can use MCMC to simulate draws from the distribution! In this example, I’ll touch on some basics of Markov chains and using... Read more

Converting Google Maps Routes to GeoJSON with Python (and plotting the result with D3)

02 Jul 2018

TLDR: I wrote 40 lines of code for getting GeoJSON from Google Maps directions and wrote this blog post to hype myself up. See the Github repo for setup/usage instructions. Read more

Dual Booting Ubuntu 18.04 on Dell XPS 15 (9560)

08 May 2018

I am typing this blog post on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) on my new laptop, the XPS 15! Read more

The Summer 2018 Reading List

05 May 2018

At the beginning of every break, I always have these lofty goals of reading a ton of books. It usually works out pretty well initially – I’ll speed through a couple books within the first few weeks. But I have trouble in keeping up with consistently reading, and I’m hoping... Read more

Some Quick Insight into Expectation Maximization

01 May 2018

This semester, I took computational statistics (ISYE 6416) and machine learning (CS 4641). I’ve been attempting to study for the finals, both of which cover expectation maximization (EM), and initially struggled with connecting the concepts learned in the two classes. This post is more for me to conceptualize EM from... Read more

Site Redesign

29 Apr 2018

This week is Georgia Tech’s finals week, and I had an urge to redesign my personal website. I’m a fan of procrastinating by putting off important, urgent tasks to do mildly productive, not important things. Which is why I’m simultaneously rewriting my site’s CSS and this blog post while (barely)... Read more

Visualizing Airbnb vs. Hotels in New York City (or a blog post about my class project)

23 Dec 2017

I just finished my fifth (!) semester at Georgia Tech. This semester, I took CX 4242/CSE 6242 - Data and Visual Analytics, which is a essentially a survey of techniques for exploring, analyzing, and visualizing data. Our homeworks covered topics like SQL, D3, Hadoop, Spark, and some machine learning basics.... Read more

Game of Thrones Visualized - Viewership, Ratings, and Deaths

09 Aug 2017

This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers up to and including Season 7 Episode 4. All graphs included were created with D3.js! I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. I’ve read all the books and watched all episodes of the TV show. The episode that aired last Sunday, “The Spoils... Read more

Visualizing Public Transportation in Four Cities I Visited

16 Jul 2017

All graphs and maps in this post were created with D3.js! This year, I visited and took public transportation in four cities: Atlanta, Boston, New York City, and San Francisco. I’ve spent most of my life living in or around Atlanta, where most people consider a car necessary for getting... Read more