Earlier this year, I made a blog post about how I wanted to read more books. That didn’t really happen over the summer, but (almost) new year, new me! I’ll be using this blog post to keep track of books I read this winter.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup - John Carreyrou

Finished on 2018-12-19

Bad Blood details the people and events behind Theranos, a biotech startup once valued at $9 billion. Theranos is best known for its claims of revolutionizing blood testing by offering tests that would require less blood (by pricking a finger for blood instead of traditional draws) and take less time to produce results than current lab tests. This all turns out to be a huge fraud though, and Bad Blood tells the story of Theranos – how it defrauded investors and partners, how its company culture was toxic and oppressive, how its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, was more concerned with her own image legacy than actual patients. This was a great read, and I couldn’t put it down because it told such a captivating story and was so well written. In particular, I really enjoyed the level of detail present in the writing. Highly recommend!

Becoming - Michelle Obama

Finished on 2018-12-24

Becoming is Michelle Obama’s recently published memoir. Obama reflects on her experiences, from growing up on the South Side of Chicago to college at Princeton to figuring out her professional interests to being First Lady. I really enjoyed reading this! Her life is really interesting and inspiring, and the writing comes off as very genuine to me. It was also pretty interesting to get to read about some of the details about living in the White House, like all of the traditions that the First Family does, the level of security and Secret Service protection they live with, and so on.

What’s next?

Will be updating as I finish more books!